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Southern California is a hotbed of technology companies that are leaders in their sector. This includes MySpace, CitySearch, Ticketmaster, eHarmony, and thousands of lesser known technology companies.

A high-tech community like this also has many bloggers and Web-based news outlets that cover our companies, venture capital, and events -- plus a number of advisers who help technologies entrepreneurial companies grow.

It's been difficult to keep up on all aspects of the technology sector in Southern California. There are several journalistic Web sites that do a great job of covering the news about SoCal companies. However, it's been hard to find the thoughtful bloggers who provide interesting commentary on what's happening and are advising high growth entrepreneurs.

The Technology Council of Southern California and TechEmpower have created Southern California Tech Central, a new Web site that makes it much easier to keep up with the whole technology sector in Southern California.

For example, here's a page on that site that summaries my recent blog posts:

One of the unique features of the site is that the links on that page refine the search deeper and deeper, without having to master any complex search language.

Check out the Southern California Tech Central -- and keep up with Southern California.

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