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Marketing has become more and more complex as the Internet has become part of everyone's lives. Blogs have sprung up everywhere on all aspects of marketing, but it's been hard to find the really good marketing blogs, especially good blogs on B-to-B marketing.

Recently, a couple of really savvy guys created a great site that allows us marketers to find the latest blog posts on B-to-B marketing from some top notch marketers. I added B2B Marketing Zone to my blog reader when it launched, and it's made it so much easier to keep up on hot B2B marketing topics.

I'm pleased that my blog has been added to B2B Marketing Zone, so my posts on marketing strategy are now available there, too.

I suggest that you add B2B Marketing Zone to your blog reader, bookmarks, or a Post-it on your computer so you can get in the "Zone" every day.

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