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No matter how much you use marketing analytics, you could probably be doing more.

Mila D'Antonio at Think Customers: The 1to1 Blog reports that Garther, the consulting and analyst firm, says that many of the largest companies will miss opportunities because of under funding their analytical processes:

Gartner reports that through 2012 more than 35 percent of the top 5,000 global companies will fail to make insightful decisions about significant changes in their business markets due to under investment in the information infrastructure and business user tools.

And SAS, the statistics and analytics company, divides the market into eight levels of analytics. Take a look at the list to see where you are. Then, look down the list to see how to expand and improve your use of marketing analytics.

Market segmentation is a key technique in targeting marketing messages - and maximizing ROI.

And, the use of Web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, is making segmentation more specific and more valuable.

I've written a feature article that covers the use as Web analytics tools in combination with traditional market segmentation techniques. Take a look at Segmenting Your Market with Web Analytics.

Have you wondered which Web analytics products are most popular? I was, so the August survey on my main Web site asked marketers which Web analytics product they use.

Google Analytics was, of course, the most used product (69%) because it's hard to compete with "free." Google's 69% is similar to other research I've conducted on professionally managed Web sites. So, it appears that Google Analytics has captured about two-thirds of the Web analytics market .

Even though this wasn't a scientific survey, it represents a wide range of marketing professionals. Most participants answered the question while viewing an article on a marketing topic unrelated to Web analytics.

Here are the complete results for the 235 people who choose to participate:

Which Web analytics software or service do you use?

Google Analytics 69%
ClickTracks 7%
Unica 6%
WebSideStory/Visual Sciences HBX 5%
Digital River Fireclick 5%
Omniture SiteCatalyst 3%
Nedstat Sitestat 3%
WebTrends 3%
Coremetrics Online Analytics 0%

For the commercial products it appears that, in general, the lower priced products are more popular than the large, expensive systems. Nothing new here - there are always many more small and mid-sized companies than large companies with big budgets.

The size of Google's share of this market is probably making life tough for the commercial product vendors. Free products create a "floor" that keeps commercial vendors from selling their new, less expensive products to smaller companies.

It'll be interesting to repeat this survey in a year to see how the landscape changes.

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