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Have you wondered which Web analytics products are most popular? I was, so the August survey on my main Web site asked marketers which Web analytics product they use.

Google Analytics was, of course, the most used product (69%) because it's hard to compete with "free." Google's 69% is similar to other research I've conducted on professionally managed Web sites. So, it appears that Google Analytics has captured about two-thirds of the Web analytics market .

Even though this wasn't a scientific survey, it represents a wide range of marketing professionals. Most participants answered the question while viewing an article on a marketing topic unrelated to Web analytics.

Here are the complete results for the 235 people who choose to participate:

Which Web analytics software or service do you use?

Google Analytics 69%
ClickTracks 7%
Unica 6%
WebSideStory/Visual Sciences HBX 5%
Digital River Fireclick 5%
Omniture SiteCatalyst 3%
Nedstat Sitestat 3%
WebTrends 3%
Coremetrics Online Analytics 0%

For the commercial products it appears that, in general, the lower priced products are more popular than the large, expensive systems. Nothing new here - there are always many more small and mid-sized companies than large companies with big budgets.

The size of Google's share of this market is probably making life tough for the commercial product vendors. Free products create a "floor" that keeps commercial vendors from selling their new, less expensive products to smaller companies.

It'll be interesting to repeat this survey in a year to see how the landscape changes.

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