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We all know that marketing is a process -- a never ending process of generating awareness, interest, leads and, of course, sales. Periodically we need to step back and review our online marketing strategy to make sure that our day-to-day tactics are the best uses of our resources.

Michael Ortner at Capterra has written a short, but very valuable free e-book for online marketers about the best ways to generate traffic, leads, and customers.

In short, it outlines the keys to success for any of your online marketing campaigns. Topics include: 1) Design and content tips to improve your ability to convert web visitors into leads. 2) How to accurately measure your online campaigns. 3) The importance of sales lead cultivation.

...all with a special emphasis on the business software industry.

Michael has packed a lot into 12 pages, but if your B-to-B marketing and sales operation isn't meeting it's goals take a look at page 9 for the likely solution. While his company works mainly with software companies, the situation he describes there happens at many B-to-B companies.

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