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Great marketing from corporations comes from productive marketing teams that have the tools to work together no matter where they are geographically.

This means that marketing teams need the best collaboration technologies available to speed interaction.

One of the best productivity tools, Microsoft OneNote, is also one of the best collaboration tools.

I use OneNote all day on a Motion Computing Tablet PC. The slate tablet is great for marketers because we like to scribble notes, draw 2x2 matrix diagrams, and tap into mounds of marketing data during the same meeting.

I'm not anti-keyboards -- I use two keyboards with my slate -- and I use OneNote on my desktop computer, too, so OneNote isn't just for tablet users.

But I was reminded of OneNote's collaboration features by Chris Pratley's post about how it's used by teams inside Microsoft.

Take a look at the videos he links to and you'll get several ideas on how to use OneNote to make your marketing team to be more productive.

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